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Submitting your tax return is not enough. We submit and do a professional tax structuring and financial need analysis for you. With this holistic approach, we can reduce your tax burden and ensure you utilise all your tax benefits. This also allows us to save you money on your insurance, taxes and give you peace of mind that your financial needs are addressed when planned or unexpected life events occur.

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Why all the hype? Why is Osidon's tax service superior?

Osidon is a next-generation service that takes into account the client's entire financial situation. We use the latest technology and extensive partnerships to bring together tax and financial advisory services under one roof. This leads to significant savings for clients on both their taxes as well as their insurance and entire financial position. Our tax service includes all of the below and is truly a one-stop seamless solution.


Tax submission

Our expert advisors look at all the avenues to lighten your tax burden. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you pay as little tax as possible and that all your benefits are fully utilised. Or team consists of professionals that are licensed and accredited in tax, accounting and wealth advisory and provide a much more comprehensive service than just submitting a tax return.

Tax Structuring

Submitting a return without structuring your financial portfolio that include savings, investments and insurance for maximum savings and tax efficiency is a waste of time. We undergo an extensive review of every single benefit you can access and ensure your financial position is structured for the ultimate tax-saving and efficiency.

Financial Need Analysis

We look at all your insurance, investment and saving products to see if we can save you money with more affordable premiums and provide you with peace of mind that all your financial needs are met for planned and unforseen events and are optimised for maximum savings and tax efficiency.

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We are registered, licensed and accredited:

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Not only a superior service, but also a superior price

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Our service include the following.

Designated Financial/Tax Advisor

Access to our exclusive online system that keeps track of your services and securely store all your documents.

Comprehensive tax submission service that gives you maximum savings on your taxes.

Tax structuring service that structures your financial portfolio for tax efficiency and savings going forward and that ensures you utilise all possible tax benefits to reduce your tax burden.

Financial need analysis that provides peace of mind that your needs are met for planned and unforeseen events. We also ensure you enjoy all the possible cost savings and efficiency on your insurance and investment premiums.

Unlimited access to your financial/tax advisor for advice and guidance for the current tax year.

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How can I monitor the services you provide?

As a client, you will be able to log onto our system and have a full and live overview of every little detail of the services we provide and the compliance of your business. You can easily see what your accountant is doing, find important documents and information and access a range of value-added services.


Can you guarantee that I will pay less tax?

Even though we cannot guarantee to pay less tax on past years, with our tax structuring, we have yet to find a scenario where we cannot save taxes for a client going forward. We do not leave any stones unturned, and if there is any saving possible, we will find it.


How do I get started?

You simply scroll down and complete the form on this page. This will create an online account, and in a couple of steps, your financial/tax advisor will be assigned to you.


Why are your services so much more affordable than other tax services?

We have developed advanced software systems using the latest technology. These systems automate a lot of our work and enable our staff members to focus on important tasks. This makes it possible to deliver a better service to clients and bring down costs significantly. Because our advisors are also accredited financial planners, they earn commission on some of the products they can offer advise, and this passes all the savings on to you.

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